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2013 crv (premium sound) head unit upgrade issues

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hello all,

Im looking to install a Chinese android powered unit in my 2013 crv and want to retain the factory amp. I hooked it all up and i have no sound! I was assuming that is because the amp is not powered now that ive only used the connections that are in the wire harness. Does any one know what wire in what factory plug powers the amp and how i would go about getting that going? thank you in advance
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Do you have any power output from the new receiver?
Do you have any power output from the new receiver?
not to sure. The head unit came all wired up but doesnt work as connected ? i was told its plug and play with the blue box(cam-bus) to allow steering controlls and even that does not work.


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Does any one know where the factory amp wire is? Some show it in the main harness (red wire) some show it in a secondary harness (grey blue)
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