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This disassembly works for the wiper and or turn signal stalk replacements and the clock spring.
A year ago or so the wiper stalk ceased to work in any configuration, except delay wipe. At the time I bought a new stalk from Honda and finally got to replacing it yesterday.

Pic 1 & 2
Disconnect battery
Remove the two T27 Torx screws, one on either side of the steering wheel assembly.
Remove the lower cover exposing the horn & air bag electrical connectors.
Disconnect the two connectors.
Remove the air bag.

Pic 3 & 4
Remove the steering wheel retaining bolt.
Unplug the white electrical connector below the bolt.
Remove the steering wheel with a suitable puller.

Pic 5
With the wheel removed, you are looking at the clock spring and the upper & lower column cover trims.
At the indent on either upper side of the cover trims, pry up to release. There are two additional clips that easily detach by lifting the upper cover. The upper cover has a fabric like shroud that is attached in some way to the dash, it does not need to be removed for access.
The lower trim is removed by taking out the two JIS fasteners that can be accessed once the upper cover is removed. There is an additional JIS fastener on the lower cover bottom side.
I released the tilt lever to allow the column to move up/down to assist in removing the lower cover.

Pic 6
To remove the clock spring there are three clips, one at 12:00, one at 4:00, and one at 8:00.
Unplug the three wiring connectors on the lower back side of the clock spring.
Remove the clock spring.

Pic 6-10
To remove the signal & wiper stalks, the mounting assembly needs to be removed.
There are three JIS screws, two on the front, one is on the top to the right hand side.
There are two electrical connectors, one each for the signal and wiper stalks, disconnect.
The assembly is free from the column.
The stalks are held to the mount by a clip on the top & bottom. Squeeze and pull apart.

Reverse to reassemble.


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