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2013 Honda CRV (GB RHD) Customise Settings Issue & Auto Start/Stop Not Working

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Good morning.

My mum drives a Honda CRV 2013 model, it does not have a Sat Nav, just the screen at the top of the dashboard along with volume controls/climate control settings etc to the middle of the dashboard.

The dealer I got it off uploaded a video to YouTube of the vehicle, you guys can get a better idea from this (can't include URL's as not had 5 posts yet, sorry! had to improvise):-

you tube dot com forwardslash watch?v=bgt_wmOYDdc

2 main issues.

1) The issue we're having is that we can't get into the customise options settings where she can modify mirror reverse settings, and all the other settings. It only lets us change the clock settings or change the time.

2) When driving, there is a battery symbol with a line through it, and won't go until I press the manual override on Auto Start/Stop. Meaning that Auto Start/Stop never works as that battery symbol is always there in the centre display on the instrument cluster.

Has anybody else had similar issues, and if so, how have they been resolved?

Many regards.
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Honestly I didn't know UK cars had Stop/start that long ago. Are you sure it's not the car yelling you the key fob battery is low and needs replacing?
Dont know about the control settings. But from what I read, your battery may be too weak for start stop function so it auto disable it. Do you still have the original battery? Get your battery checked. If its original, its probably a good time to replace it anyway at 6 years old. Most of my regular type car batteries lasted 4-5 years. I have an AGM battery in my venza thou. Dont know how long that one will last. It does have a 5 years free replacement warranty.
Thsnks 2nd poster for that. I’ll definitely give changing the car's battery a go.

First poster, my mum used the auto start stop on the way home from the dealer and then after it just didn’t work lol. Probably just car battery!
If you are wondering about the side mirror tilt, if you leave the mirror button to the right it tilts...or something like that. At least thats what people say in the HRV forums in UK. I have the same feature in my toyota venza and same button method too. If i leave my mirror button in the middle it disable it.
Stop start will work only if certain set parameters are met including coolant temp and battery charge. I've driven both stick or manual and auto cars in UK with S/S and the system operates differently depending on transmission type.

The battery in the key fob needs replacing.
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