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2014 cr-v ex-l amp wiring / factory amp question

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Hello everyone. I just joined today but I have been reading threads here for weeks now. My daughter just got a 14 cr-v ex-l (no nav with sub and I gather it has a factory amp). For Christmas this year I'm putting a system in - but you know how that goes...I have assembled a lot of parts already and enjoy this stuff so I might have to get going on it earlier.

I first planned to just add some subs and an amp ... tap the factory sub wires and run that to an LC2i to see what bass I could add back in. I curious ...for the people who have done this - can anyone say what frequency range is sent to the factory sub? I'm just wondering if it cuts off before it hits the very low frequencies...I want all the bass of course.

She is a new driver and I really want to keep the stock head unit with all it's factory functionality. I have read some posts about losing bluetooth, usb, etc when replacing the stock amp. I was considering using a 4 channel alpine power pack to run the door speakers - but now I see the stock amp has separate leads going to each speaker...tweeters included. The input pinout only shows ONE wire for each speaker coming in so I'm confused on how I'd even run those to a new amp anyway.

Honestly when riding with her she has my ears bleeding already. The stock speakers do get loud although it sounds as if the factory tweeters are doing little to nothing. I'm considering maybe swapping the door speakers - tweeters included with something like fosgate primes ...because there certainly seems to be enough power there already. (I know I have seen threads that say a speaker replacement alone doesn't yield much improvement) If I could tune the bass out of the door speakers... and let the subs take up all that slack - the distortion would be very tolerable at that point. That is if the amp swap turns out to be too much of an ordeal.

Thanks for the help.
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Go look at the AudioControl LC7-i: AudioControl LC7i (Black) 6-channel line output converter with bass restoration — adds aftermarket subs and amps to a factory system at Crutchfield

I plan to use this line out converter (LOC) along with a 4--channel amp (45wpc), connected to my OEM radio, along with new speakers. The LC-7i will allow me to compensate for the OEM radio's factory sound restrictions and add a powered sub, with control over tuning each channel and the sub as well. If that doesn't cut it, then and only then will I add a new head unit. But I think it will work based on some posts and reviews I've read. It's worth looking into. The LC7i has some features the LC2i doesn't.

But I am not 16, so I don't need mind-numbing sound levels, just good, full, well-balanced sound. If you want more, go with the LC8i, which adds two more channels, and run another amp to the rear speakers. This will allow you to have two amp channels available for the tweeters, plus two for the front doors and two for the rear doors, which will require two amps - a four-channel and a two channel - or a single six-channel amp ($$$), plus two channels for subs. I don't need that much.

There are a lot of ways to go, but I think my plan will work for me. Just some more options to look at.
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