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2014 CR-V EX-L w/Navigation questions about radio and ride comfort upgrades....

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is it possible to install Android Auto on the stock radio or is it not necessary in order to use Android Auto off the phone?? Also, is it possible to upgrade the existing factory software that comes pre-installed from factory?? Last question: I live on a dirt road at the top of a mountain with 1,000 ft. elevation and would like to know if anyone in a similar situation has upgraded the suspension for such conditions and with what?? I'm an ex-Toyota 2013 RAV4 owner. Thanks!!
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I might be able to help a little. Install Android Auto? No, not on the head unit. On the phone, yes, but then it's just on the phone, obviously, and not 'interfacing' with the head unit except if you have it connected with BT, then I think spoken directions come over the radio speakers, but not google map display.

I haven't installed the AA part on the phone so not 100% positive of all of it's functionality. But here's my (current) preference: Use Google Assistant instead. That way the only connection is with BT (no wired or wireless wifi), you get the spoken directions over speakers, and the head unit nav at least shows where u are and upcoming streets. So google navigation will say 'turn right in 200 ft' - u won't see an arrow on the display, but you will see the road (and assistant says the name anyway).

I went this way because of how difficult it is to enter a destination in the oem Nav. Horrifyingly difficult really. I think the best option is gps coordinates, But then u have to know them ahead of time, or pull over and use yer phone to get them.

But with G Assistant, u can just pick up the phone and say 'navigate to safe lite glass on Ina rd in tucson az' or maybe 'navigate to safe lite glass closest to me now'. (I Need to experiment more)

The thing about Android Auto on a head unit: It has no navigation - without a phone connected. The phone provides the google maps etc. So a lot of data has to go over a pipe. It's too much for bluetooth. And the wifi I understand doesn't work with many phones. So yer connecting with BT, and also with an Aux (or wifi if u have the right phone). Every time u want to use navigation.

That's a bit much for me. Most of the time I have the Nav screen off, I know where I'm going. But a quick search for directions seems quite a bit easier if just using a BT connection and assistant on the phone. IMHO.

Suspension upgrades? No idea. Will be looking at other comments to see what people say on that one.


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Giving this post a bump for any comments related to any ride comfort upgrade suggestions anyone may have. I have dropped the tire pressure down from 36 to 32 as I think that may have contributed to my slightly stiff ride. Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!!
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