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Hi there,

I have been doing some research on this.

My CR-V EX AWD key fob does not have any fancy horns and whistles. The remote has an alarm and lock/unlock doors funcionality. Ideally, I would like to use the standard key even it's short distance.

I could attempt the installation myself - to save time- it seems feasible. However, the prices from BB are cheap enough to let them do it.

Best Buy has a few options, they include installation.

Viper - DS4+ Remote Start System $239.99
works with your OEM remote thanks to its 3x lock start support.

Compustar - Remote Start System - Black/Gray Model:RS1B-A $299.99
1-button, 1-way remote

Are those good quality remote starters? Which one is better?

A 2-Way option is fine, what do you recommend?

I read some CRVs had issues with the Viper Virtual Tach (solved by connecting the tach wire). Is this the case with the EX models?

I have an EX, and read the LX lacks the connector and fuse box model that the EX has to install it.

Do I need a bypass module?

I would enjoy doing the installation, but it may not be worth my time in light of the risk,

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