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I have a 2014 CR-V that has worked quite well over the past 1.5 years. Since last week, when i got a new tire installed, I have had two problems:
1. when I lock the car via the remote control, the second push of the button will not sound the horn. The first push of the button locks all doors fine.
2. Sometimes when in a parking lot, I will hit the "lock" button 5 times to sound the horn, so I can locate the car. Now, the horn does not sound.
I have already checked the fuse box for the "door unlock" and "door lock" fuses, and they are fine. The horn works when I manually depress the steering wheel button, and it works when i hit the Panic button on the remote.

After reading some previous Forum posts, I believe one option may be a door, hood or tailgate sensor switch. I looked at the hood release, and I think I found the sensor. it "looked" fine to me, as far as I could tell. I am not sure how to check the other sensors.
any ideas? or other options?
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