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Hi Guys. New member and I just purchased a 2014 CRV. I am pretty sure it is a an LX model since it doesnt have all the bells and whistles. I have a few questions and I am hoping someone may have some answers. I am looking to upgrade the stereo system with components I removed from my previous car. Here is the list of components I plan on putting in.

I am keeping the factory radio in place. It doesnt have Nav or anything.

1 - Audison Bit One
1 - Focal KRX3 3-way components
2 - Alpine PDX-F4 4-channel Amps
1 - Alpine PDX-M12 Mono Amp
1 - 12 Alpine Type R Sub

I plan on running the system fully active. I will be using 1 4-channel amp to run the tweeters and mids and the other 4-channel amp will be running the 6 1/2 mid bass and the rear door factory speakers. The rear speakers will be turned off most of the time and only turned on when I have passengers in the back seat.

My question is. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the radio with 4 speakers? The only ones I have been able to find are ones with more than 4 speakers.

Also, the 6 1/2 mid bass has some depth to it. Has anyone had any trouble mounting them in the stock door location without any issues?

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