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I have a 2014 EX CR-V and am wondering whether i have a battery charging issue and a battery drain issue.

March last year the car failed to start due to battery, car taken to a Honda garage and they replaced the battery (they said as it was 3 years old it was end of life)

By July ish last year i noticed that the battery would not charge to more than 12.4v and would drop from 12.4v after the last journey to 12.1v overnight, which as far as i can tell from battery tech forums is a reasonable percentage of the battery capacity. This behaviour in the battery continued like this, so i decided to buy a trickle charger / maintainer to keep the battery topped up between drives (i work from home regularly and don't use the car every day)

January this year the car struggled to start a couple of times, so i booked it in to a Honda garage to have it looked in to for battery drain / charge issues, they had it for 5 days and in the end concluded that the battery drain was normal (their test was to check battery drain before they went home and then again in the morning, each time it was 0.02A) and that the battery had a dead cell, so replaced the battery for free, job done.

Since having the new battery, there is a difference, it started charging to 12.7v but now will only charge to 12.6v, maybe this is the newness wearing out?
But still the battery will drain down when not in use, in my opinion, more than it should and i think, if my calculation are correct more than a constant drain 0.02amps.

Also, during a journey it appears that the car will not always charge the battery, often short journeys the voltage will not go up at all to indicate charging and will stay at the voltage just before starting the engine, in the low 12v ish range, sometimes the voltage will fluctuate during a journey between the 12v ish and 14.2v of normal charging level with engine on, but does not appear to stay constantly at 14.2v (or 13.6v of the engine idling charge level) during the full journey)

Is this normal? to me surely the car should charge the battery if not fully charged (which 12.4v is not) all the time if the engine is on?

Here is the current charge history since last journey:
Sunday15:04Start 64 minute drive12.4v
18:18No voltage increase after journey12.4v
08:18Start Charging
11:20Showing as charged
16:37Taken off charge

Does it sound like there is a battery drain issue and / or battery charge issue? or is all this normal for a CR-V?

Any help / advice / insight gratefully appreciated.
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