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I finally moved from the dark ages of a Windows Phone to a Google Pixel XL phone. When I tried to connect it to the car hands free it would not pair. The car didn't see the new phone. After much internet searching and trial and error stuff with the car and the phone I finally stumbled upon the solution. I reset the hands free in the car. This removed the old phones. Now the car could see the new phone and paired with no problems.
A new issue soon came to light. The phone would not stay connected. As i said, I am new to this phone and operating system. I had installed a Bluetooth app in my efforts of trying to find a solution to the original pairing problem. I uninstalled the new app and tried the phone hands free again. It still disconnected when I ended the call. Next, I did the old standby; when in doubt, reboot. I rebooted the phone and tried inbound and outbound calls to my wife. All now seems to be as it should be. The car system and phone are getting along just fine.
This phone is not on the Honda compatibility list. My wife has a new phone coming. I don't know what I'll have to do to get it connected. I hope I don't have to go through this process again. That would mean only one phone can be paired at a time???:confused2: Hope not.
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