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In the next two weeks I am taking delivery of my new CR-V which is UK spec SR (Nav). The vehicle is fitted with the higher end '2014 HDD Satellite linked Navigation system' which I have seen in the test drive car and described very briefly in the brochure and on various web sites.

The very nice man at the dealership kindly gave me a copy of the Honda 'How it works' CR-V handbook so I could familiarize myself with the vast variety of useful features on the thing. However the upgraded Nav/Audio system has its own book which was not in the vehicle that he 'borrowed' the car book from.

I have tried without any joy to find a copy to view on the www to be ready to use the thing even at the basic level when I pick up the car. There are copies available for other models but not this latest version. Can anyone point me towards a possible link to this document.

Thank you in anticipation of a bit of help,


Tony Leicester UK.
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