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2014 Honda CRV rubbing/grinding noise

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2014 Honda CRV
the rubbing/grinding noise started after i heard a thump sound while making a left turn.
I had the front brakes replaced and an axle bearing. the noise is still there
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If it is a 4 WD, it could just be worn out rear diffy fluid. While doing slow tight ' almost wheel lock' turns, you will usually hear a rubbing or growling or rubbing type sould when the diffy fluid needs changing. Course it is better to change it BEFORE it gets to that stage.
If so, recommend to use only Honda DP2 fluid. Not hard to do yourself and there are youtube vids on how to do it.
Lots of advice in this forum also on doing it.
If it only makes that noise while doing a left turn, it could well be a worn or failing CV joint on the front right axle.
This youtube vid shows some other things to check that sound similar to what you described:
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