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2014 humming sound when backing up, help?

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I have a 2014 CRV with 125,000 miles on it. Upon backing up, I get a loud humming sound coming from the rear of the car. It stops when not moving. If brakes are applied and I am still rolling, it is still there. The sound is not the brake pad wear indicator - not screechy like that, more of a whine or hum. It does not occur when moving forward. I have changed out the rear diff evry 30,000 miles. I decided to change out the rear diff fluid - easy to do and almost had the 30k on in any way. Came out pretty clean, nothing out of the ordinary on the drain plug magnet. This had no impact.

I am thinking it could be a) the diff itself, b) a brake hanging up that only resonates when moving backward (but the sound is not altered upon putting on the brakes and before it stops), or c) the drive shaft? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Resolved! I went after the brake pads, and found the rear worn down. I am an ok backyard mechanic, and was surprised by the different tone (hum versus screech) and that it only occurred going backward. Guess that is more common than I thought. Attached is photo or two to help others out. Tire Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Hand Finger
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Wow! Looks like you got to that just in time. Did the rotors survive?
I did, worked as designed.
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