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Hi All.
I just joined this community hoping to find the answer to the nightmare of parasitic draw.
It’s 2015 CrV EX-L with navi, 45k miles on the clock. All stock.
it has parasitic draw and went through total 3 batteries so far past 5 years.
Recently it got worse and it drains battery every night.
So I installed the trickle charger to keep it alive till next day.

After searching through online, I did the following so far.
1. I checked Omron relay on AC clutch and replaced with Mitsuba just in case.
2. Checked alternator, no issue.
3. put new battery just to test.
4. With DMM and amp meter,I found the fuse #28 (interior light) and #29 (backup) have parasitic draw.

I checked about 40mins after the car is locked just to make sure the system is in sleep mode.

#28 interior light fuse is 7.5amp mini fuse and it has about 60mA draw although there’s no light on.
I removed dome lights in front, middle, and back to make sure but still had this 60mA. Sun visor lights are off too.

#29 backup fuse is 10amp mini fuse.
It constantly draw 1amp.
I removed navi unit and it came down to around 380mA.
Removed smart control unit which handles the smart key, and went down to 300 mA.

I removed door switch, window switch, AC panel, but still no change.
Interior fuse box has no parasitic draw.

Anyone have experienced similar issue ?
Anyone have wiring diagram for fuse 28 and 29 ?
It is really difficult to trace without it...
Hope someone have access to the service manual.

Thank you in advance!!

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Hi ms3224a.
Thanks for responding.
it is all stock.
I found the problem just now.
I dont know when it happened but I discovered the driver door key hole was force turned to 2 o’clock position. I guess someone tried to break in.

This caused the system to stay awake all the time, on fuse #29.
Once I stuck in a flat head and turned it back to 12 o’clock position, system was able to go back to sleep mode and showed no drain on both fuses.

I will have to go to dealer to replace that messed up key cylinder now.
Hopefully it won’t cost arm and leg.

thank you.
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