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I bought a 2015 Honda CRV EX-L in September after my 2005 Honda Accord died. I upgraded the entire sound system in my Accord. The only thing that was over the top was the sub, but the front and rear stage were modest alpine
speakers. I was very satisfied with the interior speakers on just the after market head unit. Here's a video of what I had.

HDS312 D4 powered by JBL GTO 1001EZ in a custom box.

Front speakers are Alpine Type S SPS-610C. Did a little fabrication to install the tweeters into the door.
Rear speakers are Alpine Type S SPS-619.

As of right now I have the system in my CRV is completely stock, and plan on upgrading just the front stage to the same speakers that were in my Accord and putting that sub in the back. Reason being, the passenger
door speaker rattles like crazy.

Now to my point:

I'm seeing random posts on here saying that upgrading the speakers is a waste of time if you don't upgrade the headunit? Is that right? Has anyone upgraded the speakers only to hear no difference?
Could that really be true?
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