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It is intermittent. But sometimes when selecting navigation, no maps come up. The header is still displayed at the top of the screen showing radio band, radio station, cell phone connection info, etc. but the rest of the screen where the map should be is black, like this (sorry for the glare).

When this happens, if I go into the Info screen to check the version numbers, the version number for the maps is blank and just shows "Database: USA & Canada Ver. ". It does give the version number of applications, device number, and vin number. it looks like this (Device and VIN intentionally redacted).

Sometimes I can get it working by turning off and restarting the car. When the maps do load and are working, the Info screen shows "Database: USA & Canada Ver.C.D0".

So it appears to me like sometimes for whatever reason, the head unit can't read the map data. Apparently it only tries to read the map data at startup, because no matter what I do, I can't get it to start working without shutting off the car and restarting (and even then sometimes it doesn't work).

Anyone else experience this and know how to fix it?
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