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2015 CRV stock subwoofer/amp replacement options

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Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great day!!!

I've recently acquired a Boston Acoustics Pro 8.5LF 4ohm subwoofer (750watts max), in like new conditition.
It came with a 0.3 ft sealed box built out of 1" think MDF (Indeed, it's built like a tank).
My next step is to get a mono subwoofer in the 300-500 watts range. My number one priority is accuracy and sound quality.
So.... I've got the two following questions:
1. Would anyone here have any recommendations on the brand?
2. Any recommendations on the installation, wiring in the CRV? (I've the Touring model with the NAV and subwoofer under the front passenger seat).
I obviously want to disable the stock sub.

Thanks in advance!

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