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2015 EX AWD TSB 15 046 Vibration Repair

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I purchased a 2015 EX in April of this year with 25,000 miles. Recently with cooler weather is has started to vibrate between 40-50 MPH with the engine at 1200 RPM. I found the TSN 15 046 on line but have not contacted the dealer about having it completed. What have been the results of having the TSB 15 046 vibration repair completed. Any issues? Gas mileage changes?
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I have not had any luck with the dealer (Honda Motorcars of Cleveland Heights) for my certified 2015 CRV Touring ...They claim they need an "extension" to the the primary warranty. This is not consistent with what I found on the Honda website which said that the dealer is supposed to honor the TSB repair. I have opened a case with Honda and waiting to hear back.
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