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Longtime browser, rare poster...

I cannot get text messaging to work with my CR-V (2015 AWD EX). Bluetooth is connected, and phone calls work with no problems. I have the necessary features turned on. However, I never get notifications of incoming messages.

Oddly, I do occasionally get a notification for outgoing text messages I've sent as I'm starting up the car. I get the expected options to respond, have the message read, etc. This is only for outgoing texts, though, and is not consistent.

I am using the default Android texting app, and am not rooted or anything, pretty much stock. I do have phone encryption turned on. I tried testing this in safe mode a couple of months ago (i.e. no apps active) and still got nothing.

Anyone else with this phone/car combo having problems? I've accepted I am not going to get Hondalink or Android Auto, but this would be a really nice feature to have actually work.
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