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It seems that lately I have been getting more involved with the radio and am wondering if it has problems or just finicky.

The first issue is that after I got an iPhone XR it stopped showing contact names and just phone numbers on the screen. I've tried a lot, worked with Honda, and by uninstalling my mail program and reinstalling it, I now get some numbers to show. With my iPhone 6, the Bluetooth device was 14AHU. With the XR it said Honda Link, and now has reverted back to 14AHU. Not sure if this means anything or not but to my way of thinking, that is two different device names. Also, now some contacts show and some don't. However, it I push the talk button I get the message about voice commands and it appears to step through my contacts alphabetically by showing a different one for each push.

The other issue I am seeing is in displaying the text for song titles. On the two screens it sometimes shows a song & artist that was played some time ago. If I go to the menu, then song text, it shows the song that is playing. My thought is that since this comes from the station, both should read the same. Just wondering if others have noticed this.

I recently had a battery change and was surprised to see all my presets were still there. I realize the dealer would have the radio code, but are the presets stored in non-volatile memory?

Basically, I am wondering if my radio has some sort of memory or electronic issue and what can be done about it. Or could it need a reload of it's firmware. Since the care just went out of warranty, I'd be afraid to ask what Honda wants for that.

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