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2016 CR-V Touring - Front and Center Power Outlets both not working.

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Brought it to my dealer and they claimed to replace the fuses.
Now they both stopped working again, I replaced the 12 and 27 fuses in the interior box but they still don't work.
Could it be the actual cigarette lighter plug that needs to be replaced?
I've only had 1 phone and a dash cam connected, I don't think I overloaded the system. It's happened to me 3 times so far.

EDIT: did some more digging apparently it happened to someone else. The cheap plastic connection in the cigarette lighter comes apart when hot. I will try that out.

Is there anyone that can help me find the part number? Google is giving me bad results.
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So I figured out that the bottom metal plates on the cigarette lighters tend to be burnt. The one in my center console and front have a black burned char spot right in the middle, rendering them useless. Anyone know the type of metal they use? Rather than replacing them every time, I would rather buy a piece of whatever metal it is and place it there so I can easily swap it out if it gets burned again.

The bottom metal piece (it's a new part, I threw out the burned out cigarette lighters)
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