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The big 3 - Kenwood, Pioneer, and Alpine, all offer head units that will fully function with all steering wheel controls, cameras, etc. Some require additional accessories to do so, some don't. The top end units have all these features plus Apple Car Play and Android Wireless. And come with or without Nav. But it's a complicated thing, and I've been researching it for months now, still haven't picked out the one I want. There are almost too many choices, and a lot of things to consider. As Kai says, Crutchfield is a great place to start. You tube has about twenty million videos on it. There are so many options it makes my head swim.

At the Crutchfield website, you type in your vehicle, and it sends you to everything that will fit, gives instructions and hints, and they can even make up custom harnesses. Of course, all these things are also available on Amazon and elsewhere, and require a lot more research to nail down. I also follow a couple of installer channels on YouTube. My favorite one is Five Star Car Stereo. Coincidentally, they also just finished (this week) a 2-part install in a 2016 CR-V:

Part 1:

Part 2:

These guys get right down into the nuts and bolts of it and talk about the relevant stuff you want to know. The particular customer had already chosen his preferred components, and it makes a nicely rounded out setup. You would, of course, want to go with better speakers, as the factory speakers are paper-coned cheapies. He adds an amp and a small sub. I plan to do something similar, except I'll choose a different head unit, as I use an Android phone rather than an iPhone.

Anyway, that's just one example. There is a lot out there, so I'd get started now on the research, especially if, like me, you want to DIY it. On something like this you want to know all you can in advance so that what you wind up with covers all your bases. Good luck with it and let us know what you wind up doing. There are also some good write-ups here, as this forum has a section for car audio.
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