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2016 CR-V Touring

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I have been a Honda owner since 1974 and have nothing but praise for the make. I am somewhat puzzled over the issue my 2016 Touring is plaguing me with.

This problem can happen whether we been driving for hours or simply overnight, the vehicle won’t start and needs a jump. While we have a Halo pack which is a multi function unit which will jump the car it is driving us crazy.

The fob eats batteries as well and we had the car brought to Honda Service and the battery shows it’s fine and all we were told was we don’t drive it enough. I can’t accept this as an answer since checking out the problem shows it has been around since 2013 with the Accord when the keyless system was used.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so how was it resolved? Thank you very much in advance for any solution to this problem since I’m 100% disabled and my wife drives me to all my medical appointments and needs and she is afraid to drive the car without me there since she doesn’t really understand how to jump it if needed.
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Car batteries can be a bit temperamental. I once experienced a battery go dead without any prior warning on a nice summer day. An internal plate can short out and take the rest of the battery with it.
Regarding the fob, does your wife keep the fob within say 20 feet of where the car is parked? I've heard if a fob is kept near the car when parked, it's continuously communicating to the vehicle. Another possibility is if any buttons might be sticking?
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