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I just changed the transmission fluid in my girlfriends Crv and was hoping someone could help me with some questions I’m having.

I warmed the car up to normal operating temperatures and drained the fluid. I got about 4.25 quarts out when I drained it. But I only put 4 quarts back into the transmission. I then preformed the shift level procedure and with in 30 seconds of turning the engine off I removed the check bolt and 3 or 4 old drops of transmission fluid drained out. I then stepped away a for a min or two and when I looked down the fluid was running out at a steady stream. I know the transmission fluid is at the proper level when gradually dripping from the check hole, but how long does that take.

1. After doing the shift level procedure and pulling the check bolt, how long do you wait for the oil to run out?

2. Was I too quick at pulling the check bolt (20-30 seconds)?

3. Shouldn’t the oil only run out if it’s too full, no matter how long you wait?

Just trying to figure out if it too low or full,

Thanks for your time and help,
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