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2016 CRV intermittent A/C issues

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The a/c cools very well, works as expected and then about every 2 weeks or so when you start the vehicle, nothing will blow from the vents. Turning the ac on/off, vehicle on/off, nothing seems to make the vents blow one way or another. Then when diving for 10 minutes or so it will magically start blowing and the air will be ice cold as if it was working the whole time but the fan just wouldn’t push the air.

Again, the whole issue is completely intermittent and unexpectant. No habits or trends seem to be noticed...sometimes it will be fine for two weeks, then start acting up for the next week off and on with no rhyme or reason. It won’t blow heat either when the it’s acting up so I assume it’s something electrical with the fan. Are there any known common culprits with these that would be the go to or probably cause? A local shop specializing in Honda’s had it for a day and couldn’t get it to replicate the malfunction and said they wouldn’t be able to diagnose until it acted up?? They had no idea and said they had never heard of an issue like this with these specific vehicles or systems within Honda or any other vehicle.

I assume again it’s the fan or some sort of connection isssue but just trying to find a starting place to see if there’s somewhere I could start trouble shooting from.

Thanks in advance!!
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I wonder if the dash internals are similar to my 15 crv? but anyhow normally when i change like where i want the air to vent, i can hear a flap like in the dash make a vacuum like sound before it starts blowing back out the front vents instead of up to the windshield.

Can you hear the blower even kick on?

Like rockauto lists a blend door actuator for the main, the one that controls where the air blows, but i couldn't find them on Majestic Honda's website.
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