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2016 CRV Rear differential fluid change- parts needed.

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I am sure this was asked more than a few times, but I am relatively new here and could not seem to have the search bar work to well for me. Nothing comes up with keywords I put in. Ended up going back and forth from googling threads on

Anyway, the maintenance minder B16 has been on for my 16' CRV for a while, and I've been at 5% for about 200 miles so far. I was planning on letting my local dealer do the oil change, rotation, and the differential fluid change until I realize they're charging 89.99 for diff. fluid change. That's a bit steep for me. Also, I've just reached the 21k mile mark since I bought my CRV new back in Aug 2016, and I always thought the diff. fluid would last longer.

Anyway, I started googling on DIY diff. fluid change, and found that I would need 2X 08200-9007 Dual Pump II Differential Fluid for the fluid part, then I read a thread here dated back in 2012 ( that I would need 20mm crush washer (#94109-20000) for the fill hole, and 18mm crush washer (#90471-PX4-000) for the drain hole. I haven't seen positive confirmation for the washers. Could anyone let me know if this information is correct?

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That is correct, 18mm, 20mm washers and 2 quarts of Dual Pump II fluid
Thanks! I'll also go grab a fluid pump at autozone for the project!

One more question: It's still kind of cold in OH now. Do you think if it'll be fine if I wait another 1-2k miles before changing the fluid? I haven't heard any groaning from the rear differential when turning. I'll still have my oil changed and tire rotated once the MM hits 0%.
Wow, I thought paying 89.99 for rear diff. fluid change is already steep... I went and checked the prices for B16 at a few larger dealership near me, and they were charging $221 and $295 for B16! I had to double check to make sure I didn't accidentally select additional services! I guess those dealerships are large for a reason.
$90 is very steep, normally more like $15 a quart. Amazon has them for $32 for 4 bottles.
Just remember to remove the fill plug first. If you remove the drain plug first and then find you can't get the fill plug out you'll find yourself between rock and a hard place.

Also don't be surprised if you find that King Kong tighten the plugs at the factory.
Thanks for the kind reminder! I had that put in my to-do list for the fluid change, as it was also mentioned several times in the forum and caught my attention. I'll get myself prepared to fight the fill plug :)
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