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2016 CRV Rear differential fluid change- parts needed.

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I am sure this was asked more than a few times, but I am relatively new here and could not seem to have the search bar work to well for me. Nothing comes up with keywords I put in. Ended up going back and forth from googling threads on

Anyway, the maintenance minder B16 has been on for my 16' CRV for a while, and I've been at 5% for about 200 miles so far. I was planning on letting my local dealer do the oil change, rotation, and the differential fluid change until I realize they're charging 89.99 for diff. fluid change. That's a bit steep for me. Also, I've just reached the 21k mile mark since I bought my CRV new back in Aug 2016, and I always thought the diff. fluid would last longer.

Anyway, I started googling on DIY diff. fluid change, and found that I would need 2X 08200-9007 Dual Pump II Differential Fluid for the fluid part, then I read a thread here dated back in 2012 ( that I would need 20mm crush washer (#94109-20000) for the fill hole, and 18mm crush washer (#90471-PX4-000) for the drain hole. I haven't seen positive confirmation for the washers. Could anyone let me know if this information is correct?

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I just did my 14 and my 11 cr-v rear diffs. I bought 4 qts Dual Pump Fluid. They each took a little less than 1.5 qts. So I will know next time that I can buy 3 qts and do both cr-v's. I did buy a 3/8"drive torque wrench so I could retorque plugs to the 36ft./lb spec w/ new washer. I got it at Harbor Freight for $19.99. I also got this which worked really good for refilling diffs. Plews 55001 Lubrimatic Fluid Quart Pump, Fits Standard Quart Bottles.
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