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Hi everbody. I am writing from Turkey. Execuse me, my English is not well.
I bought a Honda CRV 1.6 Diesel AT Executive May-2016. It does not have Apple Car Play support.
Since first day, during phone call, other side can not hear or understand me. For example i count from 1 to 10; other side can hear 1,2,5,6,10... During drive bt connection lost and reconnect again. We tried my phone with other CRVs and no problem; tried other phones with my car problem!!! Multimedia system gave “app not working” issue several times. Dealer could not solve problem and care for us. After 14 months we applied to court. Honda Turkey changed our multimedia system. I bought a new iphone 8 plus but already other side can not understand. Please help. How can we resolve this problem?


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