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I wanted to put a new battery into my 2016 Honda CRV without the engine computer memory and clocks resetting... So I purchased an "OBD2 Memory Saver" from Amazon
LPHUS Memory Saver Connector OBD2 Car Diagnostic Cable & ECU Memory Saver Cable with Alligator Clip, Vehicle Battery Replacement Tool, Emergency Power Supply Interface for Car Battery Helper: Automotive
What I did is as follows:
  1. I connected the OBD2 Memory Saver to my NOCO GB40 Battery Jumper (connected the Red clamp from the NOCO to the Red Clamp on the Memory Saver, followed by the same with the black clamps...)
  2. The red light on my OBD2 Memory Saver was now on.
  3. I then plugged the OBD2 Memory Saver into my CRVs OBD2 port
  4. I then disconnected my CRV battery in the engine bay, and replaced it with a new battery
  5. I then disconnected the OBD2 Memory Saver from under the under-dash OBD2 port
  6. And now, when I try to turn the vehicle on, nothing happens. The interior light does not come on either.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your time!
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