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2016 Intermittent Rear Chirp on Acceleration and Deceleration

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I have a 2016 CRV SE with 44,000 miles. Approximately 6 mos ago I noticed a 1-2 second chirp noise when on a rolling right turn. It was infrequent. Then it began to show up more frequently but I still only noticed it on right turns. Next it chirped when in my garage, putting into reverse and letting it slowly move backward. It also chirped as I pulled into the dealer garage. But they found nothing. It now does it 4-5 times on a 15 min drive. It will chirp a short 1-2 seconds or sometimes a little longer sound like a higher pitched “whoo“ on acceleration from a stop or even as I’m driving down the freeway. Acceleration or deceleration with a right turn are always involved when the sound appears. My dealer service department is pushing me off telling me it’s a noise cancelling speaker or some other nonsense. It’s clearly outside the vehicle and pretty loud as people have looked at me when the car makes this noise. I need to figure this out because my car is a certified vehicle that I bought last June. It’s driving me crazy! Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve read differential bearings / gears going out can whistle. U joints as well. It appears I’m going to have to tell my service department what I want checked.
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Did you read what I wrote? The dealer has basically pushed me aside. They told me that I would have to wait and watch it to see if something gets worse. I was looking for help from anyone here that may have had a similar issue. Telling me to go to my dealer isn't going to help me. I would have done that if I could but I brought it in once and they said they couldn't find it.
the other guy was trying to be helpful.
Nobody here can get in your car and fix it which is why he said to check the service records at the dealer and see if the fluid was changed.

this place isn’t a lamp u rub for wishes to resolve your cars problems
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