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2017 Brake error no start

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Many responses to a similar 2017 crv gen 5 issue indicate likely battery issue? fortunately, it was in the driveway when it manifested, but will have to get it towed to dealer Monday. This will be the third take it back to the dealer for a fix in less than three years. This is my first Honda and will most definitely be my last. Now it’s on to finding the right person with which to make my dissatisfaction known.
I am disabled so I’m glad it did not happen while away from home.
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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about this issue. But I wouldn't burn down the barn just yet. You might consider having a larger battery installed. The tiny Group 51R that comes in the car is barely adequate. May folks have made the swap. For examples, see here:

Larger Group 24 Battery Install

This can be done with Honda parts, and will not affect your warranty. The Group 24F battery, as used in the Odyssey, or several other sizes as well, will give substantially more reserve power to help prevent this kind of issue.
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