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2017 CR-V EXL Bluetooth incoming calls issue

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I have had my 2017 Honda CR-V EXL for over a year, I bought it new and this problem just started and was not there at all prior to now. When I receive an incoming call when I am bluetooth connected the call comes visually and audibly over the screen but I am unable to answer or ignore it and it keeps on ringing even thought the caller has disconnected and the call has gone to voicemail. I duplicated the call using my husband's cellphone calling my bluetooth connected one while I am in the vehicle. The only way to stop the neverending ringing through the car audio is to disconnected the cell phone from bluetooth or to shut the vehicle off. I have checked settings but have not found anything that appears to need changing. I am using the same Samsung android cellphone also, that did not change. Even using the steering column buttons does not work. The touchscreen works fine for all other functions like radio etc... Anyone else experiencing the same? :confused2: