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Just got off the phone with my dealership service department and they said a clunking noise I keep hearing coming from the front end is the strut mount seizing up.

My 2017 AWD CR-V EL-L has been making a strange noise after first starting up. It happens after you first start to back up and then turn the steering wheel counterclockwise; there is a clunk noise and you feel something jerk in the steering wheel. I then would pull forward, turn the wheel clockwise and it would be fine, but once I turned the wheel counterclockwise again to straighten out the car, the clunk noise again. After it makes the noise the first couple times, I wouldn't hear it again (or at least not loud enough it would cause concern). After the car would be parked for more than an hour or more, it would make the noise and jerk sensation again as I would pull out of my parking spot.

The dealership had a hard time diagnosing the problem. It took them multiple attempts to recreate the noise (although every time I start up the car and drive it, its clear something is wrong). The dealership called and said that it was the front upper strut mount (driver side) not moving until enough pressure was applied through the steering system (via me turning the steering wheel) forcing the mount move; in the process the spring would become twisted and suddenly shift when the mount would unseize, causing a clunk noise and jerk the steering wheel. They think that cold weather makes it worse, but I have heard the noise in 80 degree weather just like I hear it in 20 degree weather. They are replacing several parts under warrantee.

At one point, the dealership suggested it was the brake pads shifting when they couldn't immediately duplicate the problem; the dealership employee said her '16 Civic makes the same noise and jerking sensation in the steering wheel (specifically turning the wheel CCW) and it was her brake pads shifting. I have a feeling she will be reassessing this now that they found out what went wrong in my car.

I haven't seen any posts about this yet, so I wanted to give anyone else who is experience this some info to take to their dealership if they have the same problem.

Any idea why turning the steering wheel CCW causes the noise? Seems strange to me; if the mount is seizing, it should make the noise no matter what direction you turn the steering wheel.
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