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2017 CR-V Touring. 13K miles. Sell now?

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Hiya. Lurker's first post from Austin, here since 2010 after nine years in Ireland. Having asked a knowledgeable old pal what to buy, unequivocal advice was Honda. First CR-V proved to be best automobile value for money -- lifetime. Followed by two more CR-Vs, a FIT and an HR-V. First CR-V would still be in service were it not for a consequential traffic accident. Picked up a used 2014 from CarMax, retired well-worn FIT, purchased HR-V for daughter at university, bought a 2017 red Touring with most bells and whistles exactly two years ago, now fewer than 13,000 miles, primo condition, no hint of a problem, wouldn't even know how to employ many fancy features nor have I bothered to study the manual. Car might bring $25K tomorrow, appear on offer somewhere the next day at $28K.

Enough history. Posts here on engineering, reliability and the "What Me Worry?" Honda Shogunate are giving pause, particularly as I anticipate a move west soon to a more rugged rural environment.

Please chime in... Sell quick, get out while the getting's good, explore options like the new-platform Ford Escape, on offer soon? Move up in class to something like a lower-end BMW SUV? A slightly used higher-end vehicle? Move up inside the 2020 Honda family (not my preference, sorely disappointed by the manufacturer's response to issues at hand, the bad news unfairly poisoning all the previous good, and as if I'd expect better from the likes of Ford).

(What I REALLY want is a drivable late '30s - early '40s Ford woodie restomod. There's a PERFECT one on offer at auction in a very few days. At twice the ceiling I'm willing to pay -- garage art, not transportation. Dang. Please forgive the off-topic aside.)

Thanks in advance and thanks for all past, unacknowledged shares of data, information, even opinion, which is what I seek today.
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JB_AZ here traded in his crv for an Acura RDX and is very happy... might want to look for his post.
Thanks. Did. JB.AZ is encyclopedic and has forgotten more than I want to know. The 2019 RDX is a perfect, appropriately priced, proper value solution. Hoping I can compare with a live 2020 Ford Escape before the 2020 Acura hits Texas summer lots with little fresh to offer. I suppose I could cash in the 2014 and 2017, buy the 2019 Acura, and hit pause. Bit extreme, they'll both take you from A to B. But I'm not enthusiastic about moving west with either.
my 2018 CRV is 1/2 paid off. plan on keeping as i am so looking forward to no vehicle payments. before my CRV, I went 13 years w/no vehicle pymt - so nice.
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