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After I got home, and parked my car in the driveway, the alarm went off about 15 minutes later. I disengaged it, and it then went off again about 15 minutes later.

Now, the alarm doesn't appear to be setting at all.

-walkaway auto lock function is not working
-it will lock with the FOB, but will not confirm with a flash of the lights, nor does the alarm set (no blinking red light inside)
-remote start is not working

It unlocks normally with the FOB, confirming with a flash of the lights, and also unlocks when I touch the door handle.

Alarm went off once again at night, after returning home from dinner.

I will also mention that I had them install LED bulbs for my foglights, however I cannot imagine that this would be causing what I mentioned above to happen.

Anyone else experience anything unusual after having the recall done?

UPDATE: Got into the car today to go run some errands, and everything seems to be back to normal again. Very unusual....
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