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2017 crv ex l fuse box

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Installing a cellink battery pack hardwire kit for dash cam has ground and acc wire says hook up to a fuse that is off with ignition off. Reading post interior fuse box is all hot when key off. What fuse would i use under the hood in the fuse box ?
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Yes I've read here and elsewhere that the accessory fuses are live even when accessory power is off. I suggest you tap into the wire feeding the 12V power socket on the center console. It's a dedicated 20A circuit so the extra load from the dash cam would be negligible.
I have Honda CRV 2013. I have no taillights and cannot find a fuse for them. The book or the diagram does not show a fuse for the taillights.
From a Google search it appears the tail light fuse is labelled "Small Lights" and is 10A fuse #34 in the under-dash fuse box.
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