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2017 CRV: fuel in oil tank, warning lights, cam shafts bad

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Beginning 9/2019 car has been to dealer service multiple times for every warning light going off on dash. Initially, AC unit component was replaced and was told oil change performed as vehicle was "running rich"; an oil change had just been done a couple weeks prior. Software updates were performed. Immediately after picking up vehicle, warning lights repopulated to dash....vehicle immediately returned and was advised through wrong AC unit component part was replaced.....they had to replace an additional time. Less than a month goes by, all lights repopulate in dash. Take car back in, code came back same problem, so they decide to now look at the cam shafts as the bulletin they pull says that's the next fix. Can shafts are bad and need to be replaced. All is being done under warranty but what else is wrong with key car and how long is this vehicle even going to last? 2 years old, 55,000 miles....still making payments. Was planning on handing this car down to my son when he starts driving, don't even think that will be a possibility. Dealer service says the car is safe to drive, really? How much extra wear has this engine taken as a result of this problem. Honda has extended the warranty and additional year, big deal. What happens after that? So disappointed and at a loss as to what to do.
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Camshafts? Hum.? smell.
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