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I just got my 2017 back from the dealer. I had no warning when the camshaft went, the car just died and then I got a pile of warning. The dealer was great but I am not sure if I can trust this car or any CRV with this 1.5 turbo engine. I had THE FIX done right when it came out, but that seemed to do nothing. One little sentence in Honda's TBS on the camshaft seems to be my problem. My wife uses the car on very short trips and it is cold for 4 months of the year. The exact kind of driving conditions they say will cause the problem. Well she not doing anything wrong, the old car did it for 12 years and it is still going strong.
I only have 25k on the car and they have no idea if this will happen again. My wife loves the car, but we afraid the next time this happens, there will be no warranty left to cover the repair. Because off the way she uses the car I am afraid it will happen again. I am planning to trade the car soon. If we go with a CRV it is going to be the new Hybrid. She gets the CRV she loves with a proven engine. From what I have read it is get great reviews in Europe with no major problems.
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