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2017 CRV Running Boards (and few more accessories)

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Returning the car to Honda next week. I've taken off the running boards and have plenty of installation pictures (and the manual). They were installed on the car the end of 2017, so little over a year old, but in great condition. Pictures still show them on the car.

Total $175 cash - local pick-up - Northern NJ or upper Manhattan.

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Vehicle door Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Car

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If interested, for $100 more I can throw in 1" hubcentric wheel spacers (set of 4) like in this:
They're actually mounted on the car in the pictures above, so you can see the offset is perfect.
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Thats a beautiful car with great accessories and great choice of color! Im sad that you're letting it go but i totally understand with issues going on and how Honda approached with solving it, good luck on your next car and hopefully it'll be trouble free
Thank you, yes, we were planning for it to be a keeper, and in 10 years perhaps my daughter's first car. But not unless the engine lasts, and this engine will not, not with gasoline diluting the oil..
Will be switching to CX-9 instead.
Also, this is the picture I took today. The car and boards are a little dirty, but in great condition.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Vehicle door
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Updated first post. Lowered price. Boards removed and ready for pickup
Also, here are the boards from top view. Image taken from Internet. Mine look identical except I covered chrome edges with carbon fiber tape (which you can peel off if you're a "chrome" person).

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