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2017 EX - Underseat SubWoofer?

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Was wondering if anyone has installed an underseat subwoofer? I received a Kenwood underseat subwoofer and would like to know where I can tap in for power and a speaker lead? Any schematics and illustrations on how to get to a power line and speaker lead?
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I don't think it can be put under the seat, there is not enough space. You could put it behind the seat but you will lose trunk space or you could put it in the rear side panel like it is done on the Touring model.

Take it to a good reputable car stereo shop in your area. They can tell you whether it will work or not. If its one of the newer thin lines then I think it may work under the front or rear seat. On the rear just be careful if you are going to fold the seat flat, ck for clearance.
After 2 year of using, I'm about (or planning) to install one mini sub for my EX as well... i'll monitor this thread :)
Thanks all. I'll probably take it to a stereo shop. I'm not sure I just want to throw it in the rear area. I'm hoping that it will fit underneath one of the seats.
You don't say what size sub it is but maybe you could source an inner rear panel from a Touring and mount it like oem.
I am back looking into this option. When I get time need to search some yards for the parts.
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