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Dear Honda;

I have been a Honda customer for 3 years now and was very happy with my 2015 Honda Pilot. I had developed much respect for Honda's reliability and service. I recently traded in an old Corolla for a brand new 2017 CR-V AWD EX. I initially loved the vehicle, but over the first couple of months i realized i had a problem. The driver side (Blind Spot Monitor) was (A) giving me false positives, and (B) the range was not covering the entire area. I will not go into detail here. In summary, over the past 3 months, I have taken the car to 2 separate dealer service department, a total of 3 times and opened up a case with Honda Customer Service. The service departments cannot replicate the false positives. I only get 1 to 3 a day, so typically you only see a problem 3-9 seconds of my typical 1.5 hour/per day commute. The service departments both said they were unwilling to work on the car, if they can't replicate the issue. After the first two trips to the dealer, i started taking videos of the mirror, in order to prove there was an issue. After obtaining 2 videos, i showed them to the service technician, and they agreed to replace the radar sensor. After the sensor was replaced, the issue got worse. Though the (B)range not covered the entire area issue was resolved, the (A) false positives issue got much worse. By false positives, i mean that the BSM light goes off when there is nothing in by blind spot. So, i took a couple more videos, and took the care back to the service department. They are now telling me that my videos do not mean anything. They cannot work on the car without them being able to replicate the issue. They drove the car for a day (supposedly 104 miles) and said they had no false positives. They promptly told me there was nothing wrong and told me to pick up my car. Within 24 hours of picking up the car, i have had 4 more false positives, I've have 2 of them on video. I emailed the worst of the videos to the service manager, and requested that he arrange a meeting between me and the factory representative. I am waiting to hear back from him.

At this point, i don't know what to do. I've been trying to get the car fixed for several months now. My faith in Honda has been completely shaken. I am now being treated as a nuisance, as apposed to a loyal customer. Evidence that would hold up in a court of law, is being disregarded. I am on the road a lot and have a very demanding job. I justified the expense of the car because of (a) the safety features the car offers, and (B) the convince and reliability of not having to have a car constantly in service.Needless to say, i didn't get either of these things.

All things considered, I am very unhappy with the car and regret the purchase. I have had 2 people ask me whether I recommended buying the car, as they are considering purchasing it. I have been very honest. I have told them my story. I have told them that if my BSM worked, or it would have been fixed quickly, I would highly recommend the car. However, with Honda ignoring video evidence of the defect of a safety system, i have recommended to everyone they should not purchase the car. If i have to make this kind of effort to get a brand new car to work properly, i will just go buy used. If i had a used car, i would have just paid to replace parts until the issue gets fixed.

As things stand, i would prefer to sell the car. The stress of constant calls and taking videos to try to prove my case is not worth the hassle and time. However, though Honda will not acknowledge the problem, I know the the car is defective. I have a moral obligation to make sure this issue is fixed. Selling the car in it's current state would be immoral and unethical.

So, what is my next step? I have no ill will towards Honda. I just want to get the car fixed. I have only communicated this issue with Honda representatives and friends and family, until now. I currently doubt that the issue will ever get fixed. I feel my only option is to continue to video and catalog the problem. I feel my only option is to voice the issue to entities and consumers outside of Honda in order to prevent them from having the same frustrating issues that I have had to endure. If there is anyone from Honda that is willing to accept that there is a problem and are willing to fix it, please have them contact me via this forum or email. Any help resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.

Edited: I have added the below videos evidence that i have referenced above, for your convenience.
(This is the worst one, and most recent. It shows clearly I am picking up guard rail, because a School bus happens to block it, and it goes off and back on when the bus is past. It also shows me passing several guardrails without getting a light.)

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Blind Spot Indicator Owners Manual info...lots of adverse situations

Video did play fine for me.

p92, Owners manual:
● Comes on for a few seconds when you set the power mode to ON, then goes off.
● Stays on while BSI is turned off.
Message=Blind Spot Info System OFF

● Comes on when mud, snow, or ice accumulates in the vicinity of sensor.
● Comes on while driving - Remove the obstacle in the vicinity of sensor.
see Blind spot information (BSI) System* P. 497
Message=Blind Spot Info not available

● Comes on if there is a problem with the system.
● Comes on while driving - Have your vehicle checked by a dealer.
Message=Blind Spot Info System Problem

p364 Settings for Vehicle Setup Group menu: Driver Assist System Setup:
Blind Spot Info Changes the setting for the blind spot information.
Audible and Visual Alert*1/Visual Alert/Off

p497 How the Blind Spot Indicator system works:
● The transmission is in (D.
● Your vehicle speed is between 20 mph (32 km/h)and 100 mph (160 km/h)
Radar Sensors: underneath the rear bumper corners
Alert zone range
A (min dist from cr-v side): Approx. 1.6 ft. (0.5 m)
B (max dist from cr-v side): Approx. 10 ft. (3 m)
C (max dist behind rear bumper): Approx. 10 ft. (3 m)

Important Safety Reminder
Like all assistance systems, BSI has limitations. Over reliance on BSI may result in a collision.
The system is for your convenience only. Even if an object is within the alert zone, the following situations may occur.
• The BSI alert indicator may not come on due to obstruction (splashes, etc.) even without the Blind
Spot Info Not Available MID appearing. [MID? message in display?]
• The BSI alert indicator may come on even with the message appearing.

The BSI alert indicator may not come on under the following conditions:
• A vehicle does not stay in the alert zone for more than two seconds.
• A vehicle is parked in a side lane.
• The speed difference between your vehicle and the
vehicle you are passing is greater than 6 mph (10 km/h).
• An object not detected by the radar sensors approaches or passes your vehicle.

p498 if it detects a vehicle: ■Comes on when:
● A vehicle enters the alert zone from behind to overtake you with a speed difference of
no more than 31 mph (50 km/h) from your vehicle.
● You pass a vehicle with a speed difference of no more than 12 mph (20 km/h).
BSI Alert Indicator: Located on the outside rearview mirror on both sides.
■Blinks and the beeper sounds when You move the turn signal lever in the direction
of the detected vehicle. The beeper sounds three times.

You can change the setting for BSI.
> Customized Features P. 337
Turn the system off when towing a trailer.
The system may not work properly for the following
• The added mass tilts the vehicle and changes the radar coverage.
• The trailer itself can be detected by the radar sensors, causing the BSI alert indicators to come on.

BSI may be adversely affected when:
• Objects (guard rails, poles, trees, etc,.) are detected.
• An object that does not reflect radio waves well, such as a motorcycle, is in the alert zone.
• Driving on a curved road.
• A vehicle is moving from a far lane to the adjacent lane.
• The system picks up external electrical interference.
• The rear bumper or the sensors have been improperly repaired or the rear bumper has been deformed.
• The orientation of the sensors has been changed.
• In bad weather (Heavy rain, snow, and fog).
• Making a turn at an intersection.
• Driving on a bumpy road.
• Making a short turn that slightly tilts the vehicle.

So lots of things can adversely affect the BSI system! Therefore, it is a work in progress, not perfected yet, just an inconsistent friend: "Watch out for that car! Ooops, sorry, my bad, nothing there!"

p499 For proper BSI use:
• Always keep the rear bumper corner area clean.
• Do not cover the rear bumper corner area with labels or stickers of any kind.
• Take your vehicle to a dealer if you need the rear bumper corner area or the radar sensors to be repaired,
or the rear bumper corner area is strongly impacted.
-The system does not operate when in (R).
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