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I just came back from about 3,000 miles in the past week. I drove all but 100 miles (it's new and supposedly the wife's car so i wanted her to get a few miles under her belt).

The car performed great. I didn't get any error messages, the cruise held the speed with no variation, the battery didn't die, the ink on the door label didn't wipe off, none of what I've seen here happened. Knock wood.

By using the ACC and LKAS most of the time I found it much less tiring to drive. The blind spot detection saved me once, but if I hadn't had it I'm sure I would have looked harder, but still it was a help. I like to drive 8-9 over the limit so the ACC came in handy many times as I approached slower moving cars. The biggest problem was remembering to move over to speed back up. It's easy to get complacent.

I only had one problem and that was with the center screen. I was listening to a book on a USB stick and the response to taps got slower and slower, to the point where it was a minute from a tap to a response (switching from audio to map for example). I finally did the hard reset and it asked if I wanted to update the software. I took the default (didn't read the screen just said next) and it rebooted to the same screen. This time I chose 'load software from ADR' (maybe, don't remember the 3 letters for sure), and it went blank for half an hour then came back and worked like a champ the rest of the trip. After about 10 minutes I got concerned but just waited it out. Acted more like a Windows machine than Android.

I won't say I'm looking forward to my next long road trip but I'm much happier doing it in the CR-V than the old Prius or my Avalanche. All the safety and convenience features make this a great road trip car.
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