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2017 HONDA CRV cd owners manual problems

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Has anyone figured out how to play this CD that was in the same pocket as the abbreviated owners manual on their home DVD player.?

I am new to this form because I recently purchased this CRV since I was tired of waiting for the HYBRID model that is sold all over the world except the USA.

I am used to a decent owner manual that I used in my 2004 CRV and anxious to access this CD. Please help.


PS....The reason that I did this purchase beside the disappointment of the HYBRID not arriving as promised, is that I was seriously looking at purchasing a Kia Niro but after reading the reviews, they changed my mind. I am not completely happy with Honda since I had a used 1996 Accord with 91,000 miles on it and the transmission started acting up and I went back to Honda since they announced that they would fix these transmissions up to 90,000 miles and when they saw that I had 91,000 miles, they would not work with me on a fix. Not even pro-rated. So you can see why I have a bad taste in my mouth with Honda. One more try and that is it and back to Toyota. I traded my Prius in on this Honda CRV.
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i'd just download the manual from the honda site. easy .pdf - there is owner's manual and owner's guide.
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