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The reason you bleed the closest to the furthest is because you want to make certain there is clean fluid in the lines closest to the master cylinder when you bleed the rears. If you bleed the rear first, the dirty fluid from the front line may be drawn into the clean fluid going to the rear. Why? Most FWD vehicles today do not have both front wheels tied to one section of the master cylinder and both rear wheels to the other. Most are "cross-connected"; that is, the LF brake line is connected to the RR brake line and the RF brake line is connected to the LR brake line. The reason is so that there is more even braking of the vehicle front to back and left to right should one of the hydraulic circuits fail. (In older RWD vehicles that have dual master cylinder reservoirs, you find both front connected to one reservoir and both rears are connected to the other. On vehicles with disc/drum systems, both front disc calipers are connected to the larger reservoir and the smaller reservoir goes to the rear brakes.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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