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Vehicles are a sub-optimal place to use USB connectors and ports actually. They don't like vibrations or bumps that are common as you drive down the road and can cause momentary poor connections which some electronics takes as a hard fault and won't retry the connection when it fails.. until you unplug them and plug them back in again.

And.. as already noted by others.... different phones have different quirks and sensitivities to any induced mechanical disconnects between port and cable. iPhones are pretty resilient in this regard in my experience, not so much with Android Phones. And in general... Android OS seems to be less resilient where cable connections are concerned.

Personally, I never use the USB ports in the car, I use a plug-in dual port that plugs right into one of the 12V accessory plugs... and it also includes a volt meter so I can keep an eye on how the vehicle is managing it's dual charge battery circuit (which under light loading and low speed city driving... tends to keep the battery undercharged by about 20%)
But then you can't use Android Auto.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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