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I have a 2019 Honda CRV EX L, and the 1.5A port (the port inside the center console on the driver's side) intended for Android Auto or Apple Carplay (I use Android Auto) is easy to disconnect the phone (Android Auto) with just a slight touch or movement of the USB-cable.

I have a new USB cable, and the car is new so the disconnections should not come from overuse. It appears this may be a Honda design flaw or bad part given that many others have posted this same issue. I suppose I can start by contacting the Honda Dealer to discuss this issue and see what can be done, and get it reported in the Honda database of issues (hopefully they have this). If anyone has a solution or experience with the Dealer, please share. This is a frustrating issue I never expected to encounter with a Honda product, let alone a new 2019 CRV.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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