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2018 CRV EX-L AWD - Whistling/Chirping Noise at Highway Speeds (70+ mph)

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Hello, this is my first post here. Long time lurker on this forum.

I bought a brand new 2018 CR-V EX-L AWD last November. I've had the car for about 5 months and have approximately 1700 miles on it. When it reached 500 miles, it developed a strange whistling wind noise at highway speeds (70+ mph). Sometimes you can hear it starting at 60 mph depending on the strength of the wind. The noise starts at around 70 mph consistently and continues for all speeds higher than that. The noise is intermittent and comes and goes every few seconds. It sounds like it is coming from the front driver's door/window/mirror area. It definitely is worse when there are crosswinds or headwinds hitting the left side of the vehicle.

The wind noise is not the normal low-pitched booming wind buffeting noise at highway speeds. It's a high pitched whistle/chirp, somewhat like a faint tea kettle going off. Sometimes, it also sounds like a hissing squeal on rainy days.

I took it to the dealership from where I bought the car several times already to have them take a look at the issue. The first time, they had 3 mechanics separately test drive the car. Neither of them heard the noise, they thought my car was normal. I went with them on a test drive on the fourth time, and even though I heard it, they didn't hear it. I tried again the following weekend, and they sent another mechanic out with me. This time, he heard the issue and ordered new weatherstripping and run channels for the door and the window on the driver's side. After changing the parts, there was no improvement. I still heard the sound. Now, they acknowledge that there is an issue and it can be reproduced, but they haven't pinpointed the problem.

During the following week, I gave the car to the dealer to examine in more detail, and the shop kept it for about two weeks. They were given instructions by the manufacturer as to how to diagnose the issue. They taped up the windshield, the door, the mirror, and even removed the drivers mirror and did test drives on the highway. They made no progress; they decided to set up a visit with the Honda regional service rep. They gave me my car back and told me to come back in a week when the regional service technician comes down.

I drop the car off again, when the Honda service rep arrives, and he as well as the mechanic that could hear the noise spend 6 hours on the vehicle doing about 9-10 test runs. They said they made a lot of adjustments to the door, mirror, cowling, weatherstripping, and they think that the noise went away. On their last run, neither one of them could hear the noise anymore. They would not close the case, however, since they want me to be satisfied with it. They told me to keep driving it until the noise goes away or it gets worse so that they can find it. They said maybe they will take another look at it during my routine service in a few months.

Today, I spend 5 hours on the freeway driving it myself. I tried taping all of the different seams and borders with painters tape, but it seems like the noise is still there. Regardless of what I do, I do not seem to be making any progress. I've tried taping the mirror, the door, the weatherstripping cracks, the windshield, the edge of the sunroof, the entire border of the window, the a-pillar, as well as the b-pillar. Nothing seems to have helped.

I'm just super frustrated as I've spent 50-60 hours of my free time trying to solve this issue. I bought a BRAND NEW car and it should not have any issues. If I wanted problems, I could have paid less for a used car. I have been doing some research into the Lemon Law for my state (NJ). It seems like to qualify, the car has to have a "substantial issue," such as compromising safety or functionality of the car. I'm not sure a chirping/whistling wind noise will qualify. It's certainly annoying and drives me crazy on long road trips.

What should I do here? I really like the car, except this one pain in butt problem. If I buy a TV from Best Buy, and it's making a weird noise, then I can return or exchange it, no questions asked. Apparently, it doesn't work with cars? Can the dealer just exchange a vehicle for me for same model/year? I would take a refund as well.

Has anyone had any similar problems or have any advice to offer? Thanks.
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