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The reasons Im out of a 2018 Honda CRV.
1. HVAC no heat
Cant even clean off the frost on the inside of the window after a 40min drive up to 60mph.
2. Oil dilution.
Car stinks like oil and gas. Worse in the summer.
3. Radio Not working
The radio was black for a month. Software update did nothing but wasted our time. Radio takes a long time to turn on. Switching radio sources is slow. Android auto stops working intermittently.
4. Smart entry
Locks me out when I get gasoline or doesnt lock and sunglasses stolen.
5. Trans clunk coasting downhill. Worse with ACC on.
6. Auto high beams
They highbeam everybody.
7. Honda sensing
Lane departure alarms prematurely. Lane keep assist alarms that I need to steer on a straight road. ACC almost ran over a teenager on a small motorcycle. ACC stops when a car turns right ahead of it.
8. HVAC not very cold
AC performance is poor.

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