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New to the forum, so hello to all first of all.

I purchased a new CRV just a few weeks back, have just clocked up 2000 KM and have started to notice a problem with what I think is the rear left side parking brake - but its a bit of a strange problem.

First of all, the problem only really happens if I leave the car parked up for a couple of hours. When starting off driving there is no problem - however once I reach around 10 Km/hr then I hear a grinding noise coming from the rear wheel. Slow down to a crawl and it goes away completely, speed up again and the noise comes back. After around 5 mins of driving then the problem is gone completely.

If I park the car up quickly after driving and then drive off again then there is no problem.

It has to be the electronic hand brake system, I can only guess that its sticking but its strange that the noise disappears (completely) when going slower then comes back if speed up - the fact that it disappears after 5 mins means that the pad has worn away already and made some clearance.

I took it to Honda service shop and they said no problem with the brake - but it continues. I'm not sure the technician had any idea what he was doing to be honest though.

I guess my only option is to get it onto a lift, take off the wheel and leave the brake on for a while and then release it to see if the calipers are stuck or something.

Has anyone else had such a problem? By the way I live in Asia and the weather is extremely hot here at the moment (35C).

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