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So I'm off on vacation, flying first to Phoenix, Arizona for a couple days, then drove North to Flagstaff, Arizona for a few days, and now I'm in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for 10 days visiting family.

My rental "car" is a 2018 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.
Nice sized, although there's not enough knee room for my right leg when I'm driving. Since most of the driving I've done so far has been highways, I've been turning on the cruise control and then moving my leg around to keep it from cramping.

Head room is good, after you get in. Even with the power adjustable seat set to so the seat bottom is as low as possible, I still scrape the top of my head on the upper doorsill when I get in. And in general I think the seats in my 2014 CR-V are more comfortable.

Lots of controls for the 4WD system, including selecting what type of terrain you're driving in (sand, wet, rock, snow). I haven't touched them, since I'll only be driving on paved roads, so it's set to "Auto".

The information/entertainment screen in the center console has lots and lots of options, most of which I've ignored. No built in GPS, which is a bit annoying since it's such a lovely, large screen. Fortunately my Garmin fits nicely in the center console area just in front of the gear shift. About an hour into the drive from Flagstaff to Las Vegas area I got bored, and started playing around with the radio system. Turns out it has Sirius XM, so I was able to tune to a station with music I like and won't have to mess with it again.

The parking brake control is a push/pull switch just to the rear of the gear shift with a small light that turns on when it's engaged. Push to disengage, pull to engage.

Push button start with no place to insert a key in the dash or steering column. The remote has a "key" that you can extract by sliding a switch on the fob and pulling up on a silver section with a fingernail. I assume that's for the doors, although I haven't really checked to see if they have locks.

It also has auto-shutoff when you come to a stop. Caused me a bit of concern as I was pulling out of the rental car place in Phoenix, because the engine turned off as I stopped the Jeep at a red light leaving the parking lot. So I put the car in park, then pushed the start button to restart the engine. At the next red light the engine stopped again, and I happened to lift my foot off the brake pedal and the engine started up...which is when I realized what the stupid thing was doing. I spent a little time looking through the controls on the screen, but didn't see anyway to turn off that "feature". :D

The drive from Flagstaff to Henderson was about 3.5 hours, and I was very glad to get out of the Jeep when I got here! I had to stretch a bit before I was able to walk without limping.

The next 10 days will be short drives around the Las Vegas area, and then to the Las Vegas airport to catch my flight back to Tennessee.

I'll probably post more comments about the Jeep later.
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